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Teaching the Way You Imagined It Could Be

Love and Logic® is a research-based program designed to help teachers maintain a calm, cooperative, and attentive classroom.

Educators who focus on ways to prevent misbehavior are more successful than those who focus on consequences for those who misbehave. But when consequences are necessary, the successful educator applies them with compassion and understanding. 

How does the program work?

The Love and Logic program for educators consists of nine modules, each of which teaches a different subset of skills. It is presented utilizing videos by Jim Fay and Charles Fay, Ph.D. and features structured group exercises and discussions.

Co-owner of Hamilton Wellness, Colleen Vandermeer, expertly presents the Love and Logic program.

By using humor, hope, and empathy to build up the adult-child relationship, Love and Logic has been enormously successful. Emphasizing respect and dignity for both children and adults not only provides real limits in a loving way, but also teaches consequences and healthy decision-making.

Participants will learn to:  


  • Create a classroom that stimulates high levels of academic achievement

  • Guide students to own and solve problems

  • Hand the child’s problem back using empathy and consequences 

  • Neutralize arguments

  • Preserve the learning environment 

  • Prevent misbehavior 

  • Increase instructional time on task

  • Set limits with enforceable statements

  • Use choices to prevent power struggles